Dancing and Strategic Intent?
What’s with that combination?
Imagine you are doing the tango and the rest of the world (or your work team) is doing a waltz. How do you fix that? The first step is to deeply understand your intent and then implement it strategically. Tired of dancing alone?
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At Frank Greif & Associates we sometimes think of ourselves as dance instructors. Teams often have a clear mission which might be: “Dance a Latin Dance.” But what if some people think a Latin Dance is a Rumba, or a Mambo, rather than a Tango? Confusion! That’s why we focus on a Strategic Intent. For us, Strategic Intent is defined as a compelling statement about what you are doing and where you are going. It's really more than a statement; it becomes a core element in the motivational DNA of the organization or individual. Strategic Intent answers the question: "What exactly are we trying to accomplish? What is the dance we are doing?"

Yet Strategic Intent is not enough by itself. There must be commitment and cooperation. Excellent leaders recognize there are different "dance styles" in their organization. Think of these styles: Tango = forceful. Waltz = cooperative. Square Dance = high structure, command and control. Slam dancer = high energy body contact right out of the mosh pit. How can these significantly different styles "dance" or work together? By creating understanding, both of self and others. Leadership begins with introspection; understanding your personal style and how it effects those around you.

To succeed we must learn to communicate in ways that are deliberate, challenging and inclusive. We have to talk to each other and listen to each other with clarity, honesty and integrity. And yet, when confronted with the many different "dance styles" in any given organization, even simple communications can collapse. We help leaders and teams develop relationships that build purpose, passion and commitment.

Our statement of Strategic Intent:

We work from the heart to make a difference in people's lives by helping individuals and teams learn how to live and work with purpose. Acting as coaches and team development resources we provide executive and team coaching, leadership development, team experiences, and interpersonal skills training.

We carry out our Strategic Intent with particular focus on:

By focusing on honesty and openness in our working lives we help create and strengthen the interpersonal communication skills necessary for achieving Strategic Intent.

Some of our current and recent clients include:

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Dunn Lumber
Nokia - North America
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